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Join Us for Worship

Sundays at 10 AM in person or via Zoom

(Please use the same links below for Tuesday, 9:00 AM online Bible Study)

Worship at Nativity is available in person at Main (Route 16) & Grove Streets, North Conway, NH, as well as online using Zoom and via telephone. 

For those attending in-person, masks are strongly recommended, to create the safest community for everyone. However, a mask is not a requirement for attending if you are unable to wear one. We do ask that masks be worn while singing as singing is a higher risk activity.

You can join worship online by:


Allow a couple of minutes to set up the account. Navigate to https://nativity.wufoo.com/forms/nativity-worship and sign up to receive log in information by email. 


For those with slow internet, you can also connect by phone. Navigate to https://nativity.wufoo.com/forms/nativity-worship  and sign up to receive the phone-in information by email. Contact the church if you do not have reliable internet access and cannot receive an email.

Sunday Morning, 10 AM

 We worship @ 10 AM every Sunday. We are ready to welcome YOU. Nativity is located at the corner of Grove and Route 16 in North Conway, we park on the streets and use the Gibson Center parking lot which is just across the street. Dress comfortably. Holy Communion is shared every week and ALL are welcome at the Lord's Table. Please consider making a visit. We're nice! Promise!


Bible Study, Sunday mornings 

There is a Bible Study group that meets after church on Sunday mornings. You are most welcome to attend. If you don't have a Bible, no worries. We've got plenty (We're the Church, after all). To learn details, call Laura at (603) 356-7827.

Traditionally there is a group that meets @ 10 AM (10:30 AM in the summertime) on Tuesday at Calumet -- usually in the Conference Center Dining Room. Calumet is located at 1090 Ossipee Lake Road in Freedom (please confirm details for Tuesday Calumet bible study).