Why Giving Matters

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From the earliest days of God's people, generosity has been among the most important pieces of a faithful life. We are called to make sure our neighbor is okay. We are called to find intentional ways to experience sacrificial moments. When we purposely say "no" to something worldly -- something that would be really nice -- and instead say "yes" to being a servant to another by providing for them, we are living lives that point the way to God. We are blessed people. In response to the blessings we enjoy, we are generous to others.


Our Financial Gifts At Work

Nativity's members & friends gather their gifts. We use those gifts to support our "Ministry Budget" on which the whole community agrees after conversations and reports at the Annual Meeting. People make their gifts during the offering portion of the worship service. Some give every week. Some make one gift per month. Others send one gift per year! There is a careful plan for counting those dollars, depositing it in our account, thanking members for those blessings, and spending those dollars in accordance with the budget plan. Similar to most congregations, most of what we gather together is used to support our pastor in his/her work with us. Our pastor helps us pray about our direction and our ministry ideas. 

Other funds are sent along to partner ministries like the New England Synod. We pay for the heat, for ministry supplies, our musician, our secretary, our sexton, and other important pieces of our ministry plan.